The dream that should never come true……..

It is going to be a very tough day today as I am having promotional interview…. Well as everyone I also prepared nicely for the tough interview ahead….. there were around 40 candidates in line for today… every one all set to face the interview … The interviews started at 10:00 am in the morning one by one each candidates entered the conference hall where a panel of around 10-15 members were all set to grill the candidates….. and candidates presenting themselves with all eagerness to get that promotion…. few interviews lasted for 20 minutes .. some lasted for 40 minutes…

I was also sitting at one corner of the room recollecting what I have to say and getting prepared mentally… unfortunately my turn came in the second half of the day…. at around 3.00pm and 10 candidates were still behind me to be interviewed… we were 4 candidates sitting next to the conference… when two guys were ahead of me to be interviewed….. I thought to visit  the wash room to release the water pressure which developed due to the tension and anxiety….

I was still in the wash room for 5 -10minutes probably ….and suddenly found that all the 10 candidates who were behind me coming to the washroom and talking about their interviews which was over.. and they were surprised to see me at the washroom and informed me that the interview panel were calling my name and you were not available and they suddenly thought to wind up today’s interviews in 10 minutes by calling all the candidates together and asking only one question per person and promoting them… they said ……. GO FAST…….. as they may leave the interview hall..

I went running to the conference hall…. and the site I saw was heart breaking … all the panel members were leaving the hall … I requested them please …… please …… please interview me…..

One of the panel member said ….. Its your LUCK….. we have closed the interview for today….. U were not present and hence we have put you as ABSENT…. come NEXT YEAR on time….

I was literally begging them.. Please Sir ….. Please Sir…… Please Sir….

Suddenly I could feel someone patting my shoulders and saying my name…. Sa…… ,Sa….., Sa…..,

when I turned my face to that person… in grief …. I saw my wife shaking me and asking,”Kya Hua……”

“Koi Sapna Dekha Kya”



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