An aquaintance with Death…..

A very normal sunny evening, (unusual during the rainy season) I finished my work…. and headed back home… a senior asked for a lift, who normally gets dropped just before the junction I cross for home… It was quite sunny with a good day light at six in the evening…. I dropped the senior  at the bus stop and proceeded to the signal…which i have to cross…

I just drove few metres… a bus from the back came …. we both were in a very low pace…. knowing that the bus was coming I moved little away from the bus…(but still close) towards my left not knowing which direction the bus was heading towards… Suddenly my bike’s handleand my leg got stuck at the front mudguard of “the monstrous state transport bus”… n the bus dragged me few centimetres i suppose… an suddenly the bus applied the brake… my bike’s handle was still glued to the mudguard of the bus…. I was standing controlling my bike with my left hand…. n i found that I was safe….

The public gathered around me .. the passenger from the bus were all staring and giving a sigh of relief that nothing happened seriously….. the school kids helped me to detach  from the red monster (THE STATE TRANSPORT BUS)… I found that I had a small scratch on my thigh…… all said ,

” I was quite lucky “….. to escape this accident… which could have gone worse…..

I myself took 5 minutes to stabilise the “adrenaline rush” released during that moment…. and was smiling n thanking GOD for the mere escape… from either DEATH or an orthopedic surgery….

During that few seconds attached to the RED monster …. my thoughts went through the feel that “how death kissed me and left to enjoy this life…. ” .I thought about the commitments I made  for the next week…

and  then I thought about the housing loan which is supposed to be settled in next 20years…. thought that how my wife is going to pay back, thought about my kid ….. then I realized I am insured… n she can now own that house….

and I again smiled n sincerely thanked the Almighty…. who really saved me …..


2 thoughts on “An aquaintance with Death…..

  1. oh my god, i just have no words to express, but just thank god for saving you.. hope u don’t face it ever again in ur life.
    even at the crisis or fag end of our life, we think of new and dear ones na.. that’s beauty of relations..

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