Lessons from Life …….

Lessons from life…

I was a person who was always wants others (parents, siblings, friends, etc) to be happy. I always use to think by any actions of mine nobody should be hurt ….(even if I am hurt by my own actions…)

I always tried to help others… It was quite difficult for me to say NO to others… even if I didn’t had time I use to go all the way to help others.. During this course I was being exploited by others coz of my humility and my behaviour people were taking advantages out of me.

I did some actions which I never wanted to do but I did coz somebody else asked me to do… Emotionally I was very weak…. Never heard to my heart… n did what others wanted from me… so as to make them happy….

All these made me as a person who was very indecisive….  Always wanted somebody to decide for my any activity whether it is regarding a choice of shirt to anything……

Life taught a lot…….

Few principles which I developed in due course of my life….

  1. Always make others happy, but check whether I am happy while making them happy.
  2. Always listen to your heart…..
  3. Say a clear NO if I am not comfortable for a particular task.
  4. Be firm at your decisions, once decided stick to it…(learnt from my wife… J)
  5. Be happy at what you do…DO your work whole heartedly….


By this I was happy and stronger in action and deed…


When You listen to yourself n do what you actually want ….

Success and glory all come your way….. automatically…


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