Mein aur Meri Tanhayee….

I am getting married in a couple of days… from now…..
All my friends were anxiously waiting for this big decision of mine…
My memories rolled in a flashback and took me 12 years back during my college days… and there I was standing in front of the library sharing a light moment of life with friends…. I was at the crest of my youth, high ambitions and zeal to live the life in its fullest and to do hell lot of things in life in a short span so as to establish myself as a distinguished personality… 
In fact, like two faces of the coin, there was another side of me…. A person in solitude, always fighting inside mind against lot of issues which were significant and insignificant too… which no body was aware of, about the personality which was hidden inside me …. a poignant person in anguish… as if I was left alone in a no man’s island …which overpowered me now and then….. 
I was one of the most cheerful fellows among the friends and they were absorbing the optimistic vibes, thoughts and actions through me and were aspired by the affirmative approach I was possessing…. I was always there for them whom so ever were in emotional, practical or rational need. They had a complete trust on me in any circumstances…
Although, I was always surrounded by friends and was in constant support from family in all ways… however I was still lonely with always a feeling that no one is there for me…..
Now, as I am getting married… here I give myself to the beloved one.. I am going to share my life with…. leaving behind all my solitude… and to give the best of me and my cheerfulness and positivity in its fullest…

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