The dream that should never come true……..

It is going to be a very tough day today as I am having promotional interview…. Well as everyone I also prepared nicely for the tough interview ahead….. there were around 40 candidates in line for today… every one all set to face the interview … The interviews started at 10:00 am in the morning one by one each candidates entered the conference hall where a panel of around 10-15 members were all set to grill the candidates….. and candidates presenting themselves with all eagerness to get that promotion…. few interviews lasted for 20 minutes .. some lasted for 40 minutes…

I was also sitting at one corner of the room recollecting what I have to say and getting prepared mentally… unfortunately my turn came in the second half of the day…. at around 3.00pm and 10 candidates were still behind me to be interviewed… we were 4 candidates sitting next to the conference… when two guys were ahead of me to be interviewed….. I thought to visit  the wash room to release the water pressure which developed due to the tension and anxiety….

I was still in the wash room for 5 -10minutes probably ….and suddenly found that all the 10 candidates who were behind me coming to the washroom and talking about their interviews which was over.. and they were surprised to see me at the washroom and informed me that the interview panel were calling my name and you were not available and they suddenly thought to wind up today’s interviews in 10 minutes by calling all the candidates together and asking only one question per person and promoting them… they said ……. GO FAST…….. as they may leave the interview hall..

I went running to the conference hall…. and the site I saw was heart breaking … all the panel members were leaving the hall … I requested them please …… please …… please interview me…..

One of the panel member said ….. Its your LUCK….. we have closed the interview for today….. U were not present and hence we have put you as ABSENT…. come NEXT YEAR on time….

I was literally begging them.. Please Sir ….. Please Sir…… Please Sir….

Suddenly I could feel someone patting my shoulders and saying my name…. Sa…… ,Sa….., Sa…..,

when I turned my face to that person… in grief …. I saw my wife shaking me and asking,”Kya Hua……”

“Koi Sapna Dekha Kya”



What was the difference ….. during this whole week….

I was just thinking today morning what was special or rather different in this whole week…. especially in the office…

Things were moving very leisurely…. People were more relaxed….. yet the work was going on in its own pace….

There were heated discussions going on during the teatime and then during the lunch time which continued till the evening tea … lot of things were new .. in the discussions.. lot of ideas and thoughts were exchanged by different personalities of the office…. 

what was the difference ….. during this whole week….


Guess it…





So when the boss is on leave….

people are relaxed….

ideas and thoughts were exchanged in an accelerated manner…

people were more extrovert….

and were freeeeeeeeeeeeee from any kind of obstructions in thoughts…………..

This is a thought….. which hit my mind since morning….



An aquaintance with Death…..

A very normal sunny evening, (unusual during the rainy season) I finished my work…. and headed back home… a senior asked for a lift, who normally gets dropped just before the junction I cross for home… It was quite sunny with a good day light at six in the evening…. I dropped the senior  at the bus stop and proceeded to the signal…which i have to cross…

I just drove few metres… a bus from the back came …. we both were in a very low pace…. knowing that the bus was coming I moved little away from the bus…(but still close) towards my left not knowing which direction the bus was heading towards… Suddenly my bike’s handleand my leg got stuck at the front mudguard of “the monstrous state transport bus”… n the bus dragged me few centimetres i suppose… an suddenly the bus applied the brake… my bike’s handle was still glued to the mudguard of the bus…. I was standing controlling my bike with my left hand…. n i found that I was safe….

The public gathered around me .. the passenger from the bus were all staring and giving a sigh of relief that nothing happened seriously….. the school kids helped me to detach  from the red monster (THE STATE TRANSPORT BUS)… I found that I had a small scratch on my thigh…… all said ,

” I was quite lucky “….. to escape this accident… which could have gone worse…..

I myself took 5 minutes to stabilise the “adrenaline rush” released during that moment…. and was smiling n thanking GOD for the mere escape… from either DEATH or an orthopedic surgery….

During that few seconds attached to the RED monster …. my thoughts went through the feel that “how death kissed me and left to enjoy this life…. ” .I thought about the commitments I made  for the next week…

and  then I thought about the housing loan which is supposed to be settled in next 20years…. thought that how my wife is going to pay back, thought about my kid ….. then I realized I am insured… n she can now own that house….

and I again smiled n sincerely thanked the Almighty…. who really saved me …..

Lessons from Life …….

Lessons from life…

I was a person who was always wants others (parents, siblings, friends, etc) to be happy. I always use to think by any actions of mine nobody should be hurt ….(even if I am hurt by my own actions…)

I always tried to help others… It was quite difficult for me to say NO to others… even if I didn’t had time I use to go all the way to help others.. During this course I was being exploited by others coz of my humility and my behaviour people were taking advantages out of me.

I did some actions which I never wanted to do but I did coz somebody else asked me to do… Emotionally I was very weak…. Never heard to my heart… n did what others wanted from me… so as to make them happy….

All these made me as a person who was very indecisive….  Always wanted somebody to decide for my any activity whether it is regarding a choice of shirt to anything……

Life taught a lot…….

Few principles which I developed in due course of my life….

  1. Always make others happy, but check whether I am happy while making them happy.
  2. Always listen to your heart…..
  3. Say a clear NO if I am not comfortable for a particular task.
  4. Be firm at your decisions, once decided stick to it…(learnt from my wife… J)
  5. Be happy at what you do…DO your work whole heartedly….


By this I was happy and stronger in action and deed…


When You listen to yourself n do what you actually want ….

Success and glory all come your way….. automatically…

Mein aur Meri Tanhayee….

I am getting married in a couple of days… from now…..
All my friends were anxiously waiting for this big decision of mine…
My memories rolled in a flashback and took me 12 years back during my college days… and there I was standing in front of the library sharing a light moment of life with friends…. I was at the crest of my youth, high ambitions and zeal to live the life in its fullest and to do hell lot of things in life in a short span so as to establish myself as a distinguished personality… 
In fact, like two faces of the coin, there was another side of me…. A person in solitude, always fighting inside mind against lot of issues which were significant and insignificant too… which no body was aware of, about the personality which was hidden inside me …. a poignant person in anguish… as if I was left alone in a no man’s island …which overpowered me now and then….. 
I was one of the most cheerful fellows among the friends and they were absorbing the optimistic vibes, thoughts and actions through me and were aspired by the affirmative approach I was possessing…. I was always there for them whom so ever were in emotional, practical or rational need. They had a complete trust on me in any circumstances…
Although, I was always surrounded by friends and was in constant support from family in all ways… however I was still lonely with always a feeling that no one is there for me…..
Now, as I am getting married… here I give myself to the beloved one.. I am going to share my life with…. leaving behind all my solitude… and to give the best of me and my cheerfulness and positivity in its fullest…

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